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About Us

For nearly two decades The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation has worked to provide equitable access and new pathways for  success for underrepresented communities both nationally and internationally. Providing children with the tools they need to feel confident and supporting women, men and families affected by breast cancer is deeply rooted in our mission. Established in 2005, our Founder, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., made the work of the foundation a pillar of his existence after losing his mother to Breast cancer in 2003. Larry’s mother, Carol, was the exemplar of community service and advocacy work. She was instrumental in his life and in the lives of community members who suffered from breast cancer. Larry is passionate about continuing his mother’s legacy of supporting breast cancer survivors and impacted families.  The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation supports organizations and non-profits doing this remarkable work. The Larry Fitzgerald Foundation is a registered component of the Minneapolis Foundation with an EIN of 41-6029402.